The Girl Who Went Blank

It was another cold, monotone night. The lights were off. The street lights shone brightly outside. She could hear the airplane engines booming. The people inside the house were asleep.
She was mostly thinking about writing, then considered that the idea was completely fascinating yet bullshit at the same time. She was itching. Itching to write words, to read them, to just see them — it was a difficult, weird yet satisfying sensation once she got her eyes to read. 
Then she thought about the future. Her thoughts were always unpredictable, she could think about her school work first before even thinking about her salary from her future career. Thinking about that salary, it wouldn’t even be a high one. Just something that would satisfy herself. Get her some good books, feed herself, live by herself with her future pet cat.
Then she thought about the bullshit her classmates do. Take selfies. Have crushes. Chatter to each other about random stuff she doesn’t even know about. An outcast of the newest trends – that’s who she was.
She blinked once. Maybe twice. She was bored. Yes, a single word. Possibly bored. Possibly… no other  word for it. Maybe she was in another emotional state. She was thinking negatively. Or maybe it was the sarcastic figure she was.
Then she was blank. White paper blank.


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