i smothered too much

sorry i dragged you into the mess

into the mess i created

and left

and when you return back to the people you love

you are dirty

with my dirt clinging to your clothes like leeches
i’m sorry for suffocating you

spoonfeeding you with my stories

of heartaches and stomachaches and headaches

i’m a suffocator who chokes 

until you yourself force yourself to swallow the words i say

and become like me
i’m sorry if i made your heart empty

you might be wallowing in the depths of your sadness right now

but don’t worry, I am too

we think the same because of me

we say the same because of me
i smothered you too much.

you’re not the person you once were.

i stuck my dirt on you.

sorry that we’re on the same boat.

you don’t deserve this

you only wanted to help

and I think I pulled you in
i’m too much of a monster 

for victimizing people with my own problems

the villain but not the type who kills and spills blood

but accidentally kills old selves and replaces them with a replica

a replica of a limp body, optimism in a coma, incapable of feeling

and drowns them in the same sea as I am

just so that I could see other people drowning with me

and I would be comforted 

because I’m not alone


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