disturbed hearts.

where did all those little chats

those little teases

and virtual smiles

and jokes

and personal feelings

all go?
where did the sincere feelings 

and the embarrassment

and the warm feeling

spreading across my chest to my stomach

making me smile 

we’re the middle that doesn’t make sense anymore

we’re the clock that doesn’t tick, stuck, not moving, never progressing


we’re the disturbed lake in the city

ripples disturbing the connections between us

we’re the stars that never align
no romeo, no juliet

no star crossed lovers

that’s just bullshit
we’re disturbed in so many different ways

looking at opposite sides

eyes never meeting

hands near

but never, ever touching

just a ride away but too scared to leave home
we’re restrained


and i don’t even want to say “lovers”

no labels

no names

just ourselves

and a messed up situation


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