painfully simple.

the moment that chests are visible despite the clothing

that moment when we realize that balloons

don’t fly up to heaven as an offering to the ones we love

and often end up to choke the turtles in the ocean.

that moment that we realize powdered cement is dirty

and rocks are only rocks, nothing special about them.
that moment we realize

the skies have layers

and the stars are only hot balls of gases

not the people we love watching over us

constellations do not symbolize your friendships written in the sky, three stars in a line’s the Orion’s belt

not your friendship marked for eternity.
that moment

throwing ashes of your loved one into the ocean is simply disposing of the ashes of your loved one

and that doesn’t mean as you take a bath

they’re hugging you through the water.
that moment you realize you think you knew what happens after death,

and you’re comforted by the fact that they’re in a safe place now

but no one really knows.

we haven’t been there.

we know that they’re ashes.

or they’re six feet below.
we don’t know.
we might know soon, there’s just really too much to learn.
and the more we know, the sadder we get.
life isn’t really all sparkles and magic.
it’s simple.
painfully simple.


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